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Hi, I'm Heather Kemp. Welcome to my profile!

Heather Kemp's Bio:

My name is Heather Kemp.  I am an Affiliate Marketer and Mentor.   I have been through some of the top affiliate marketing training programs, and am now here to be able to Mentor affiliate marketing beginners in the best affiliate marketing secrets.  I do this so that I can help change the success rate in online affiliate marketing success rate.


I get deeper into my thought process in my Article.  Please feel free to take a look if you haven't already.


I am a single mom of two wonderful children.  My daughter, Stephanie, born in 1997 and my son, Nicholas, born in 2001.  These two have been my inspiration in life and in business.  Some of the ways we love to pass our time together is camping, rockin out in the car while travelling, playing softball during the summer in my small town league, kids snowboarding while I wait in the warmth of the Lodge, and spending a lot of time with our friends and family.


Since I have extra time and money, my entire life now revolves around family, friends, and business.


I do not think of myself as a GURU, in fact I really don’t even like that word.  My passion is to help others build their own sustainable income so that they can also enjoy more of the things that they are passionate about.  I do not work in a “NORMAL” job anymore, and now that I am where I am, I want to help others do the same thing.


I began in the Affiliate Marketing industry in 1999 and am still in the same program that I started back then.  I love it, and it has been CENTRAL to my success as an affiliate marketer.  Over the years, and like most of us, I have spent ALOT of time, patience, and money on different programs and training materials that mostly just took my money and offered nothing but frustration.


Well now, because of my “live and learn” experiences I am able to come up with EXTENSIVE training in order to really help others be able to build their businesses online, without the hassle of being bombarded with sales pitches.  I am all about honesty and integrity, and enjoy working with others who share the same values!

Heather Kemp's Experience:

  • CSP (Customer Service Professional) at Walt Disney World

    Not only do I run my company, but I also do what I hire others to do. I work as my own Independent Contractor, servicing on of our many Clients as a Customer Support Professional. I answer calls on a daily basis from Walt Disney World Guests, making reservations and lending support for those with current reservations to the Walt Disney World Resorts.

  • Owner at Self-employed

Heather Kemp's Education:

  • Career College of Northern Nevada

    Associate's degree
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